Ségolène Aebi-Faye


Franco-Swiss graphic artist and designer Ségolène Aebi-Faye loves lines to write on, lines to draw, lines pointing the way forward; lines make her happy, they have become the center of her life and art. Action lines, vanishing lines, outlines - they have all converged to write her destiny’s plot, which she keeps weaving every day in La Neuveville, the Swiss town that has become her home.

THE LINE AS IN... the “à côté” lamp

A playful interaction of closely spaced and layered lines in an almost surrealist equilibrium gives birth to a refined and fascinating standing lamp.

The metal filaments that compose the lamp’s outline stretch out and get entangled to form the lampshade as well as the legs. When put up, the lamp hence acquires a light and immaterial character.

Its posture, based on the “contraposto” or “hanche-ment” principle, according to which a body’s weight rests on one of the legs while the second one is left unencumbered and slightly bent, gives the object a certain minimalistic touch.

Due to its wiry and airy design, its silhouette evokes the Philippine fishermen’s hats and their stilt houses.